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The purpose of JOY International® is to be involved in, or
help to coordinate, the rescue, restoration, reintegration, and
of the commercial sexual exploitation of
children domestically and internationally.

Rescue - We actively work with like minded organizations in the relevant geographic locations to rescue women and children from the commercial sex trade, freeing them from a life of slavery and bondage. We partner with the police, task forces, prosecutors and nonprofit ministries to find and rescue captive children throughout the world and bring their captors to justice.

Restoration - JOY is committed to seeing those released from the sex industry healed emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. We partner with safe houses and rehabilitation professionals to ensure the safety and care for these precious women and children as they walk the road of healing.

Faces have been blurred to protect our efforts and the children of JOY.

Reintegration - Our safe homes work to educate and train survivors in relevant schooling and job placement courses, preparing them to integrate back into society as healthy, educated and trained adults when the time comes. JOY also sponsors a number of young women’s continuing education costs, providing them an opportunity to go to university and end the poverty cycle in their lives.

JOY Volunteer hands out rice at a distribution.

Prevention - Demand, poverty and lack of education are three of the driving forces behind the sexual exploitation of children around the world. We strive to educate vulnerable people groups about human trafficking by providing them with relevant information on trafficker’s schemes, as well as by providing food, clothing and shoes to help ease the burden of poverty on families around the world.

Children receive flip flops at one of JOY’s distributions. Many children in poverty do not have shoes, causing walking to be a very painful experience in hot regions like SE Asia. We help ease the burden and pain by providing new shoes.

We strive to grow our network of volunteers, safe houses,
 rehabilitating professionals and financially committed partners.
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